Jen (freakmonkey1331) wrote in stressorconfess,

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okay, i guess i'll post something...

CONFESS--Whats the hardest thing you've ever had to do???
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That's a toughie.

Tell a guy how I truly felt. That was hard emotionally as well as my nerves being totally shot. One time he turned out to be gay. Heh.

And sometimes homework assignments or projects can be daunting.

Physically hard though I'm not sure.

I don't think I've ever had to do something really really hard though. Thankfully. God bless.
Getting over my dad, trying to move on, forgetting things, blocking out the bad, just for him to ruin our relationship again....
It's a draw between a few things: Watching my dad move out of my house, telling my mom that I'm a "cutter," and losing two of the most amazing people I'd ever known. I don't know, really. A lot of things are hard to do...I can't bring it down to just one.
probably goin to my great grandma's funeral and tellin her goodbye and that i loved her for the last time and realizing that i would never see her again!
Answer the phone, as a 14 year old girl, to hear that my mom had just died. And, also, watching the police come and take my dad away. Sorry; I've been thinking about my parents a lot lately.
aww, it's ok Raine don't be sorry, I love you.